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Video Production Services

Pure Hits Digital Video Production Services

Our team can film, capture, edit and produce video content for online and broadcast up to 4K video with HD audio.

In Australia we provide on-location filming services for online broadcast, social media and a wide variety of video content requirements.

Experienced video and audio staff can assist with recording or acquiring, re-purposing or editing video content for online and broadcast. We can overlay graphics, logos, text and information.

Our service can include delivery of video content to social media platforms or distribution for broadcast.

Studio broadcast consoles provided by LAWO> Find out more at http://www.lawo.com
Digital audio processing provided by Orban Optimod. Find out more at http://www.orban.com
Audio routing and stream preparation tools provided by Telos Alliance. Find out more at http://www.TelosAlliance.com
Streaming, CDN and audio delivery services provided by Amplify Streaming. Find out more at http://www.AmplifyStreaming.com
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